More On Gove’s PR Stunt

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by Martin Odoni

(Rhyming slang in the title completely unintentional. Honest.)

On the subject of Michael Gove’s cunning stunt (!) at a Minor Injuries Unit in Shepton Mallet the other day, the Daily Telegraph has since printed a ‘clarification’ – really should be called a retraction – in the small print, and an image of it has gone viral over social media. (The fact that it took some days for it to do so perhaps tells us something about how quiet newspapers are about printing retractions; it therefore took a while for people to notice.)

Anyway, here is the screenshot; –

Torygraph quiet retraction The Daily Torygraph admits that a story they ran about the NHS was totally misleading. What a shock.

So we at least have an admission, doubtless prepared at the same time as the original story, that the information in it was thoroughly misleading. But the cynicism of this small-print…

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